Different team building activities

Different team building activities

. Team building activities in Dubai are quite famous. These activities are listed below in this article.

Game of possibilities

This is a fun game that can also be played with just one small group of members. No special equipment is required for this game to be played. Basically, a member picks any random object and then demonstrates the uses of these objects to the fellow members in order for them to guess as to what it is. This promotes creativity and spontaneity amongst the team members. 

Winner or loser

This is a really fun activity that can be carried out with any number of members. No tools or equipment are required to play this game. In this activity, one member tells another member about one tragic moment of their life. It could be anything from personal to professional. Then another member shares this story with a third member. The catch here is that this time the member only brings out the positive from this story and share it onwards. This activity helps the team members in realizing the importance of being positive in any situation and that you can take something good away from any situation.

Purpose mingle

This activity can also be carried out with as many number of members as you like. Once again, no equipment of any sorts is mandatory to carry out this fun activity. At the time of entering the conference room, each member shares with as many fellow members as he or she want, the purpose of being in this activity and what they are willing to contribute to this activity. This activity helps the members focus what they can provide to a particular situation rather than just taking away something from a situation all the time.

Human knot

This is a very fun activity that needs to be done in an outdoor space. All you have to do is make the members stand a circle with their faces facing outwards. They should stand shoulder to shoulder and then try to grab any random hand across from them. This exercise is great as it is completely based on communication. This teaches the team members that how important is good communication.

Online team building games are just as fun as these activities.