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Avoid wasting money when you start a business in UAE

Starting your own business in one of Dubai Free Zones has a lot of advantages. It’s vital that you go into the process with some prior understanding and knowledge about what you’re exactly signing up for.

Hiring the services of company setup consultants or going for a corporate PRO services company in Dubai will help you in the process. Consider these five key points before signing on the dotted line with the service provider.

  1. The total price- Many service providers draw you in with a headline license price, without letting you know the hidden fees further down the line. So, before you commit, ensure to confirm that the price quoted now is the final price you’ll have to pay, including medicals, Emirates ID’s, and PRO fees.
  2. The flexibility- License upgrades are harder sometimes and easier when things are going well. Many service providers refuse for a downgrade to save money when things are harder. Therefore it is important to ensure that a provider allows you this very important flexibility, as businesses often go through cycles.
  3. The renewal cost- Establish in the beginning, how much your annual renewal fees will be upfront. It is advised that you look at your total cost over a 2 or 3 year period when making comparisons.
  4. The ongoing support- To ensure you get the value for your money, it’s best to check what level of after-sales service and ongoing business support is provided.
  5. The cancellation fees- Setting up your business is a positive time and no one wants to consider a worst-case scenario. But it is important to compare cancellation fees between different providers because if you ever consider making a change, the associated fees won’t break the bank.

Though everyone wants to work with someone offer the lowest service fees in the region, it is not advisable to just make a decision based on the price. Check out the internet, visit the websites of different service providers and check out the government policies about the licenses and permits etc.

To find a better deal visit here. Ask for guidance from specialists in business setup in UAE. Gather full details of your needs, determine your budget and ask for references from acquaintances and a bit of generic advice.