Join the Days of Action: Demand Development Justice!

Join the Days of Action: 

Demand Development Justice!


The unhampered growth and globalization of capitalist production and consumption has produced a world that is deeply unequal and dangerously unsustainable.

Billions of people continue to live in dire conditions while an obscenely wealthy minority continue to amass most of the world’s wealth, resources and power. The aggressive drive for profit has led to the destruction of the environment, and women and the poor are disproportionately suffering the impacts of climate change.

Governments are now talking about a new global development agenda for the post-2015 era.  But will this deliver real change or merely renew the global partnership between governments, international financial institutions and corporations that will continue to deliver wealth to the tiny minority in the name of “sustainable development”?

It is up to us to demand real change and an end to this system founded on the exploitation and dispossession of the poor majority by an elite minority.  We need to fight for a just world where the common good of all takes precedence over the interests of a tiny elite, where the needs and rights of all women and men are realized, where the environment and the welfare of future generations is not sacrificed to benefit only the few.

Now is the time to advance Development Justice – a transformative framework for development that aims to reduce inequalities of wealth, power, and resources between countries, between rich and poor, and between men and women.

Development Justice places people – that is the majority poor and the marginalized – at the front and center of development. It is a paradigm that recognises the importance of sustaining the Earth’s planetary boundaries rather than sustaining profits. Development justice requires past injustices to be remedied and new just, sustainable and democratic systems to be developed. This new vision must be designed and adapted in response to the aspirations of the people and their available resources, and not imposed by technocrats and so-called high-level experts.

Development justice is grounded in five foundational shifts of:

  1. Redistributive Justice that aims to redistribute resources, power, and opportunities to all human beings equitably
  2. Economic Justice that aims to develop economies that value human dignity and labour rights, that address people’s needs and harness their capabilities, and respect the environment
  3. Gender and Social Justice that aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination, exploitation and marginalization based on gender, class, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexuality, age and other differences
  4. Environmental Justice that restores the Earth’s planetary boundaries and redresses the historical responsibility of countries and elites within countries whose production and consumption patterns have led to climate change and environmental catastrophes.
  5. Accountability to the People that empowers all, but especially the most marginalised, to exercise free, prior, and informed decision making in all stages of development processes.

Join the Days of Action for Development Justice!


On July 21st, farmers, workers, indigenous peoples, migrants, women, youth, and other groups from over 14 countries will kick-off the Days of Action for Development Justice with simultaneous events including teach-ins; public forums; media briefings; and the global launch of the video-graphic “The Road to Development Justice”.

This will be followed by more Days of Action that would:

  • Spotlight local and national campaigns or grassroots struggles demonstrating the peoples’ demand for development justice
  • Mobilize international solidarity support for these local and national campaigns and struggles
  • Link particular peoples demands and the call for development justice around international political moments or convergences (e.g. International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples; International Youth Day; World Food Day; International Human Rights Day; and so on)


On September 24, we will hold simultaneous People’s General Assemblies for Development Justice in various countries.


Let the world’s elites know that we will not allow them to go on exploiting the people and planet in the name of “development.”


Let us reclaim the world and the future.  Let us claim development justice!



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