People’s Goals Response to the OWG Final Outcome

We are glad to  share with you our network’s response to the recently released final outcome document of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals.

The statement examines the OWG’s proposed goals and targets for sustainable development and the emerging Post-2015 development agenda within the larger context of current policy trends and strategies pursued by governments, Washington-based international financial institutions, development agencies, and the business sector .  It concludes that whatever lofty goals and targets are being proposed, they will not be achieved as long as neoliberalism and the global capitalist development model remains intact.

View the full statement in Spanish and English:

OWG Final Outcome Document falls short of commitment to development justice for Post-2015

Resultado Final del Documento del OWG se queda corto con el Compromiso con la Justicia para el Desarrollo para Post-2015