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The Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development (the People’s Goals) is comprised of a network of grassroots organizations, labor unions, social movements, non-governmental organizations and other institutions committed to forging new pathways to the future we want. The Campaign for People’s Goals serves as a platform to challenge governments, and the broader multilateral system to commit to real reforms that address the demands of the poor and marginalized under ten major thematic concerns.

The Campaign also serves to link the grassroots struggles of people’s organizations and social movements across the national boundaries, thematic sectors, and to connect these struggles from the local to the global. This is an opportunity to work collectively to advance the people’s causes, taking advantage of the ongoing official process of coming up with a post-2015 development framework.


For the past decade, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have served to influence and guide developing countries’ governments in their national development strategies on issues from health, to gender equality and education. However, while the MDGs have raised awareness on these issues, progress to meet the targets has been severely uneven and limited. As the MDGs are projected to end in 2015, the question is what will replace them and how will this affect the people. The international community is gearing up to agree a new development agenda to guide international policies on development and influence national agendas.

International processes have been established to agree a new set of global development goals. One process is through a Post-2015 agenda which is exploring what should happen after the MDGs expire – should they be replaced, extended or a new framework be established.

The second process is to set Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which was established during the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio, Brazil. These two processes are expected to merge and result in one post-2015 development agenda.


In October 2-3, 2012, 25 leaders representing various grassroots organizations and social movements from different sectors and regions participated in the “Global Civil Society Workshop on Rio+20 outcomes and the Post-2015 sustainable development agenda” held in Nairobi, Kenya. After discussing the lessons from MDGs and overview of challenges for a transformative development framework, as well as the relevance of SDGs, the participating organizations came up with initial plans and interim structure for an autonomous civil society campaign that would be grounded in grassroots struggles but engaged with the official processes related to the post-2015 development agenda. A common statement was drafted, discussed, debated and agreed upon with ten priority themes for people’s goals selected from the many recommendations presented in the discussion groups.


The Campaign for People’s Goals calls for a progressive development agenda which will address the structural causes hindering equitable and sustainable development. We recognize that sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing the structural causes of inequality, poverty and environmental degradation. In this context, we campaign for People’s Goals for genuine sustainable development based on the principles of human rights, equality, self-determination, social, gender and ecological justice, and culturally sensitive approaches to development that value diversity. International commitments and government action must be consistent with the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capacities which are derived from the peoples’ priorities.

We also call for meaningful participation of civil society as equal stakeholders in negotiations, agreements and implementation of policies related to the development agenda.